“Kampung Bahasa Inggris” : a great place in Pare, East Java


(Photo source : Indah Arriyanto)


Dear readers,

This is a my report of an observation on June 18-20, 2009. I went to Pare, Kediri, East Java. I am interested to come to this place because it is so popular among people who want to learn English. Moreover, I really wanted to know how the condition of “Kampung Bahasa Inggris” is……. 😉                                      

A. Course Profile

There are so many English Courses there, but I choose “KRESNA English Language Institute” as my place doing observation. Well, I start my explanation with the course profile. Name of this course is “KRESNA English Language Institute”. It is located at Jl. Asparaga No. 13 Tegalsari- Tulungrejo, Pare – Kediri Jawa Timur 64212. The original concept devised by a group of people who wanted an English Institutes at Pare, Kediri, East Java. In the beginning, the institute was established on October 28, 2003 by Rahmad Ariadi, Sri Suharti and Gusti Agung Zaenal, but now the owner of “KRESNA English Language Institute” is Rahmad Ariadi and Sri Suharti.. It’s a private course that concerns in foreign language teaching. It also has SK Diknas No; 5560/IC/V/2004. KRESNA’s aim is simple and different from the others. The aim is to provide for students who have very limited time but want to be able to speak English well. KRESNA also managed individual customers needs to decide various programs that can be matched with their time and target. In addition, “KRESNA English Language Institute” provides very comfortable place to learn English. As an information, KRESNA is a course that specialize on Grammar and Basic knowledge of Translation.


B. Physical Condition
1. Human resources
“KRESNA English Language Institute” has eleven teachers, two administers, one curriculum maker and one cleaning service. Teachers are divided into two kinds, senior and junior teachers. Senior teachers are going to help the curriculum maker to arrange the curriculum. Recruitments system is a bit simple, because nearly all the teachers are recruited from the students of KRESNA who graduated the whole programs and passed the TOEFL test. The new teacher is going to give time to observe while the senior teacher is teaching at the classroom. Most of their educational background is from High School but they have high potential in English.

Procedure of teachers’ recruitment:
a. Administrative selection. they must pass of the whole programs including translation and TOEFL test at KRESNA.
b. The new teachers have opportunity to observe classes to know how the senior teachers teach, how the characters of the participants, what kind of questions usually rise, etc.
c. Micro teaching. It is evaluated by the senior teachers.
d. Training period in three months.

2. Course Objectives
The objective of this course is to develop students’ English competency, especially in Grammar and translation.

3. KRESNA’s Programs
a. Grammar
– Helping program (level 1- 9)
– Stage Program ( Stage KRESNA I and Stage KRESNA II )
– English Comprehension I
– English Comprehension II
– English Syntax
– Planet English
b. Translation
c. TOEFL Preparation
– Listening Comprehension
– Structure and written comprehension
– Reading comprehension

4. Participants needs
When the participants came at the first time to join course, the administrator asks to the participants about what they needs and what they want to learn.
To know the participants’ needs, the administrators do need analysis. Adminitrator usually:
– Ask the participants what they want to learn.
– Ask their background knowledge of English. How far they know about English, How good their English ability, they ever have joined an English course or not.
– try to give suggestion which level is appropriate for them.

5. Participants’ English Proficiency Level
At “KRESNA English language Institute”, there is no placements test. The administrators just do need analysis and give some suggestions for the participants which level is appropriate for them. Example; The student who doesn’t have English background, so they suggest to the participants to start from EC  (English Comprehesion 1)or HP (Helping Program level 1)

6.Conducive learning environment.

“KRESNA English Language Institute” is located at Jl. Asparaga No. 13 Tegalsari- Tulungrejo, Pare. It has a wide yard, five classrooms, one open class and large parking area. The students usually use bicycle to round the village, so that’s why the weather is cool. Furthermore, there are so many trees near the classrooms that make the air is fresh. The environment is very comfort and conducive for learning process.

7. Marketing
According to Mrs. Sri Suharti (the owner of KRESNA), KRESNA management never has special promotions such as advertisement, brochure or something else. Their promotions are from the students of KRESNA themselves.